Monday, November 16, 2009

the great gaga debate.

I have a love/hate relationship with Lady Gaga. A Bad Romance one might say.

Everytime a new music video comes out, I watch it several times and search deep into my soul in an attempt to discover my true feelings about Lady Gaga. I have yet to come to a conclusion. Everytime, I absolutely hate the song at first. Despise it. They all sound the same and I'm just not a fan of the dark pop with a sudden and seemingly incongruous ballad-esque chorus. It irks me.

But the videos interest me. Do I like them? Do I understand them? Do I think they are a bit over-the-top, taking themselves too seriously, or do I think her exaggerations are playful and perhaps even tongue-in-cheek? Let's face it, if I were a pop star I would wear and do the most outrageous things if I could get away with them. I just don't know how to answer these questions. I don't even know whether I want to like her/her music or not. It's the greatest unresolved question in my life at the moment (besides, what the hell am I doing with my life? of course).

So I've been trying to keep a tally, keeping the score between Pro-Gaga me and Anti-Gaga me. Upon first hearing "Bad Romance," Anti-Gaga won a point for hating it on the initial listen as expected. Pro-Gaga won a point for finding myself humming the tune in the library afterward. Then Anti-Gaga won one because I realised I was actually humming "Paparazzi" and just couldn't tell the difference. But then I watched video and Pro-Gaga might have temporarily taken the lead thanks to a name you might know: Alexander McQueen.

Mr. McQueen is another character I'm not always sure about. Sometimes I think his lines are overwrought and too ridiculous. Then sometimes I think they are brilliant. I never can tell what I'll think, though I'd say overall I am a fan. I thought Spring 2010 was awesome mainly because it reminded me of dinosaurs, my favourite animals after elephants.

I guess if I were hip I would have already been in the know that "Bad Romance" was premiered at the Spring 2010 show. But I'm not hip and I didn't know that. So I was excited to see that someone was wearing the dinosaur and deep sea like creations, because I sure can't afford to.

Deep Sea

Love how the shoes look all burnt up.

Okay, so this isn't deep sea, but a pretty crazy dress. Not that I promote wearing bears.


She even has the hair!

Oh, and these aren't McQ related, but also sort of creepy future reptile/dinosaur like shots from the video:


So, score one for Pro-Gaga I guess. But I did not like the cheesy close-ups of her "sobbing." Unfortunately I wasn't convinced. I'm much more into the fashion power bitch Gaga. So, score one for Anti-Gaga? Maybe a half-point.


Now that you know my thoughts on Lady Gaga you can all sleep well at night. I, however, still have yet to resolve this "Bad Romance." Okay, I'll stop using that pun.

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