Tuesday, November 10, 2009


[this girl is only nine years old!]

I remember the day an elder of mine assured me that I could still be beautiful, even with my freckles. In fact, she told me, my great aunt was a model - and she has freckles and red hair.

That was the first day I realised that freckles weren't traditionally seen as a dash of adorable sun sprinkles, but as blemishes.

I think I had better body image and self-confidence as a child than I do now, because I don't remember being all that traumatized by the comment. I just didn't find my freckles ugly. Because they aren't.


This little memory came back when I spotted Colleen @ Red Model Management. Her freckles are outstanding and make her look like a living work of art.

Another speckled model I'm currently loving is Nicole from America's Next Top Model. She is definitely my favourite.

They haven't yet maximized on her freckles (in fact it looks like most often they Photoshop them out), but hopefully an up-close beauty shot will bring them out soon.


I've never been completely enamored with my freckles, but I've never understood the bad rep they sometimes get. My freckles are just a part of me. I'd feel naked without them!

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