Monday, November 9, 2009

eat cake.

As you may have guessed, for Halloween I was Marie Antoinette. Considering that thrift shops were the main sources for my costume (minus the wig), I think I still pulled off a costume fit for the French queen.

With cake (see below) and champagne of course!
(Well, sham-pagne...Baby Duck!)

I am dead, in case you are wondering about my ghastly appearance. You can just glimpse my neck scar under my volumnous head.

My roommates and I had a lovely gathering, and of course no gathering or Marie Antoinette costume is complete without cake!

Marie Antoinette Image (c) Sony

Two variations of pumpking cupcakes: one with Black Chocolate Buttercream and one with Orange Ginger Cream Cheese Icing. Yum. Recipe courtesy of my mother's friend, so I don't have permission to re-post. But it was delicious.

'Twas a lovely Halloween. I'm already weighing options for next year!


And I know Marie Antoinette didn't actually say "Let them eat cake." I had prepared for some party poopers to bring up this fact. But for the sake of a mildly clever Halloween costume, let's pretend she did. That's what Halloween is all about. She never rose from the dead and drank Baby Duck in Hamilton in thrift shop clothes. As far as I know, anyway.


On my way home from the Department Halloween party, a lady stopped me in the street and asked to take my picture. I felt so street-style. So Sartorialist. Except it was a frumpy short lady with crooked teeth who kept spitting when she spoke. So, Sartorialist Steel Town edition. Now that would be a pretty spectacular blog. Perhaps if I see her again I shall suggest it.

(She was very nice though.)


Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween.

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