Tuesday, January 5, 2010

excuse my french.

Seriously, it's probably really bad. So I apologize ahead of time.

Last year A and I spent a month in Italy. As a souvenir for my parents, I brought them back some dried porcini, some hand made pasta and some black truffle. This evolved into a full-course Italian meal, which then became designated as their birthday present. They enjoyed having me cook for them for once, and thus the birthday dinner is now a tradition.

It having been a busy summer followed by a busy term, the Christmas break seemed a logical time to do their dinner this year. It turned out to also be a busy break, but we fit it in and I am glad we did because we re-inspired the food side of my life. I really want to focus on cooking more this term, and inspired by the theme of this menu, I plan to explore more French food (while still trying to slim my waistline, which might prove difficult).

As you may have already guessed, this year's theme was French. Simple French. Honestly, these dishes were so easy and though I steered away from souffles and macarons, I really was surprised at the simplicity of such decadent food.

And so I present...la menu du soir!


In case you can't read French, or in case you can and my French doesn't make any sense:
*salmon tartare on a baguette toast
*Pate de Perigord with a truffled balsamic glaze served on a pear caramelized with honey, butter and cognac
*champagne, of course!


*French Onion Soup

Le Plat Principal

*sirloin with blue cheese cream sauce
*sauteed asparagus topped with slivered almonds
*boiled parslied fingerling potatoes
*red wine, of course!

La Salade

There is no picture of the salad, but it was just a green salad with an almond oil and raspberry wine syrup vinaigrette sprinkled with almonds and walnuts.

Le Fromage

*blue cheese
*goat cheese

Le Dessert

*a parfait of lemon mousse and white chocolate mousse layered with strawberries and a raspberry and Grand Marnier sauce

C'est le fin.

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